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The Trouble With The Weather Girl

It all had happened in one day. One day and her whole life was ruined. She looked at herself in the mirror remembering how happy she had been that morning. She had made herself up and brushed her hair, while she was thinking of the importance of one’s image if employed in television: Her long blond hair always fell perfectly upon her shoulders; her sweet lips always formed a little smile; her green eyes were always open and interested.

This could have been a great day, even a wonderful day: Her old, creepy boss was leaving and a new one was coming. Maybe this one would let her work without interruption. Maybe he would even listen to her great ideas to raise audience figures. But she forgot that things usually don’t happen as you expect them to.

Just after ending her daily weather report, she was called to the office of her new chief.

The man she met up with was very different from the expected. He had both feet on the table while he played with his Blackberry. She knocked on the door before entering and he at once sat up correctly and looked at her inquisitively.

-So… you must be the weathergirl. Well, you’re not bad looking at all! But, you know, I never watch the weather report ... No one ever does. It’s boring. That’s why I´m here: To find a solution.

She stood quiet, waiting for him to end. Her moment had come. She could tell him her ideas and turn into someone important.

-Whatever you’re doing here every day, it isn’t working. I’ve decided to make some changes. First of all: you will have to change your wardrobe.

She looked at her clothes: -Why?

-We have to claim the attention of the audience and the best way to attract people is to use shorter dresses and a bigger neckline.

-What! I’m not going to transform myself into a sex symbol!

-Well, it’s your choice: You change your style or you lose your work. It’s very easy; just let some of your clothes disappear.

She wanted to protest but she couldn’t.

-What am I going to do now?

She stared at her boyfriend, hopelessly.

-Do what he asks you to do.

-You want me to sell myself, as if I wouldn’t have a brain?

-Yes. If not, you will lose it all: your work, your money, your popularity… Do you really want to turn into a nobody?

For the first time since they were together, she realized what kind of man he was.

-At least, I will always have a personality. -She stood up and went home.

That was it. No more love, no more vanity, no more work. She looked at herself in the mirror and took the scissors. She needed to change. That was what everyone asked her to do. What the audience wanted. Some of her clothes should disappear. She would turn into the woman they wanted: Magical and attracting all.

That day, everyone was scared, and nervous. They had heard that the new chief was dismissing people regardless of their importance in the TV station. Just when the weathergirl entered onto the set they stood still for a few seconds, watching her: She was wearing a long blouse with an enormous neckline and very fitted trousers.

She went to the camera boy. He looked at her, first at her neckline, than at her face:

-Such big and beautiful eyes you have! I had never noticed them before.

-You’re my friend, aren’t you?

-Well… Yes, sure! But tell me, what do you want?

-I just wanted to beg you: Please, please, whatever may happen do not disconnect the camera.

-What are you going to do?

She smiled: -I just want to turn my last weather report into something really special. -She winked at him, before she went away.

-Is everyone prepared? We start in: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Showtime!

The new chief stood silently next to the set. The weathergirl was going to make her monologue in just a few seconds. He realized that she was wearing different clothes. These were still too long, but at least better than the others. It also seemed that she had changed her hairstyle… The report started. She started talking… But, what was happening there?! Was she going to undress herself in front of the cameras?

The weathergirl whipped her clothes off, as fast as lightning and showed all the spectators the completely blue suit she was wearing under the blouse and the trousers. The suit was the same color as the background, where the land and the weather appeared. This was the reason, why, for the whole audience it seemed, as if the body of the weathergirl had disappeared.

And next, she threw her wig away and let them discover her real hair: short and dyed blue. Finally, she continued with her report, as if nothing had happened.

Mr. Jones was sitting on his sofa, eating some chips, while he waited for the announcements on the TV to finish.

-Henry, let me see the weather report. I wanna know if it’s going to rain tomorrow.

-But Bertha, the football match is going to start in a few minutes!


-Okay, Bertha…- He changed the channel and immediately stopped eating. -… Look at this! -He said without being able to take his eyes from the screen.

-Henry, close your moth! You look like a zombie, like you’re hypnotized… Wow!

They both stared at the weather report quietly.

-It’s very strange. It seems like her body has disappeared. The only thing that’s left is her hands, her face and her two great… Ouch! -Mr. Jones was struck by his wife.

-Well, I think this is very original. But this girl should change her wardrobe a little.

The new chief had stood immobile, shocked, for a few seconds. Now, he was shouting and ordering the report to stop.

All the cameras were disconnected, except one.

The boss ran to the camera boy that was listening to some music, while he was working.

-Haven’t you heard me? I said stop!

-What? - He took the earphones out.


-I’m sorry, but only the chief can order me to do that.

-I’m your chief!

-Well… You look pretty young compared to how I remember him.

-You silly boy, I’m the new one!

-OH! We have a new one? Well… It’s such a big pleasure to meet you!

-Shut up and do what I tell you!

-What was that?


-Yep… I’m sorry… I think I’ve forgotten how this works. You know, I’m new, too.

One week later, she had changed her wardrobe. All her old and formal clothes weren’t there anymore. Instead, she had bought dresses, T-shirts and trousers that she really liked. She rewrote the article of the newspaper:

The strange weather report that the lucky spectators could see last Monday at 2:45pm on the first channel on TV was unmemorable. The presented monologue of the weathergirl showed a lot of imagination and intelligence, but as informative as always, attracting and raising the audience percentages as never before. But, what has happened with that girl? What with the people who turned this idea into a reality? Only one thing is clear: Now, everyone is asking for more.

The phone started to ring. She answered immediately. It was from the TV channel.

-What’s up man?

-We want you back. Everyone wants you back. They have been talking about you on the TV stations all over the whole country! You’re famous!

- I don’t care; I never wanted to be famous.

-But… You will be able to do your show every day.

-Maybe, but I don’t like my boss.

-Oh! He has been fired!

-Yes? Why?

-He fired you… and he flirted with the director and abused from her verbally.

-Okay, I’ll be there tomorrow. Bye.

-I haven’t finished yet…-too late

When the weathergirl arrived the next day on the set, everyone applauded her. She didn’t stop. She went directly to her new chief’s office. The man had both feet on the table. She knocked before entering.

-But, it’s you! -she shouted surprised, as she saw the camera boy. –What are you doing here?

-Simply put, I’m in my new office.

-Are you my new boss?

-No. I’m only your co-director. You’re your own boss.

She stared quietly at him, with big eyes and an open mouth.

-You know, you’re more beautiful when you close your lips, but you still have two nice big eyes. Your office is the one that’s next to this one… You did a great job! But I think the audience prefers you with hair.

She didn’t know what to say: -Eh… Well… I suppose… thank you, Daniel… See you later.

She went to the door.

-And Laura, –she turned around. -I also was thinking that you don’t have to wear such big necklines. People like your face, too.

Laura smiled and closed the door. 

With the help and collaboration of the woman of the green hair.

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